Nashville, TN – The Board of Directors of Energeyes, the Association of Corporate-Affiliated Optometrists, announced today that the recipient of the 2015 President’s Council Award is Ernest Bowling, OD. This is the second time this award has been bestowed. It is a special designation created to honor those outstanding doctors who have significantly contributed to the optometric profession. Honorees appointed to the President’s Council are proposed by the Board or Members of the Association and voted on by the Board.

Identifying models and mentors is a charge of the Association and the President’s Council designation will create a mechanism for additional education for the membership. The 2014 recipient, Larry Alexander, OD has been a significant part of the Association over the past year.

Ernest Bowling, OD, the Chief Optometric Editor of Optometry Times magazine, is an optometrist, educator, author and mentor to so many optometrists in practice today. Dr. Bowling will be honored publically at the upcoming Energeyes National Meeting, May 1, 2 and 3 at the Indian Lakes Resort in Chicago, IL where Dr. Bowling has already committed to provide several educational programs.

“I was surprised, humbled and am very honored by this recognition. I feel very much a part of this Association and have welcomed our interaction over the past two years since the Association’s inception,” stated Dr. Bowling. “Energeyes is having a significant positive impact on optometrists across the country and this recognition simply provides me a more formal role to be a part.”

“Dr. Bowling is a former student of mine at UAB School of Optometry,” reported Dr. Larry Alexander, the 2014 President’s Council Award Recipient. “Dr. Bowling has always been a critical thinker and continues to contribute significantly to the profession through his many activities. I am very proud to have Ernie in this very exclusive club that promotes the development of continued excellence in the profession of optometry. Energeyes exemplifies the highest of standards for our profession.”

“When Dr. Bowling published the article, Energeyes Will Energize Corporate Optometry, (Optometry Times, September 26, 2013), all I could think about was the courage this gentleman has to put his name and his opinion on a positive report about corporate optometry,” reported Mark Uhler, OD, President of the Energeyes Association. “Dr. Alexander set the bar very high for this recognition and Dr. Bowling certainly meets that challenge. He has been an inspiration to all of us as we have worked to build this Association.”

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